A Word by Professor Doctor Nahed AbdelHamid Ibrahim

Dean of the Faculty

Al-Alsun, as usual, remains a beacon of knowledge and culture, and an inexhaustible wellspring of confluence between Arab and Western cultures. Thus, knowledge seekers come to it knowing that it will embrace them with all its departments, foster their culture, and increase their knowledge.

Since the Faculty of Al-Alsun is among the few faculties that are keen on the meticulous selection of elite students, it proudly develops cultural and academic cadres from its distinguished students in the field of knowledge who move into all the areas of life. They become its ambassadors that combine the Arab culture and heritage with the Western civilization and culture.

Yes, it is the yearned for Faculty of Al-Alsun, the one that brings pleasure to those who aspire to combine cultures and general knowledge. So, the Faculty of Al-Alsun is actively capable, by the aid of its teaching staff, of achieving this national mission of preparing enlightened cadres in the fields of language, literature, translation and comparative studies to continue to walk down the same route and add good  insightful members to their fellow predecessors.

And since the faculty provides its students with all its prospects and employs all the means that would ensure the fulfillment of that mission entrusted to it and placed on their shoulders, it calls upon them to meet its expectations of them in carrying the burden and conveying the message. It assures that AL-Alsun students, in every one of its various departments, are competent in their duties and keen in pursuing the noble goals they have come for.

Welcome dear students and congratulations for joining the Faculty of Al-Alsun,

May God help you and direct your paths in the service of your beloved homeland,

May peace be upon you,

Prof. Dr. Nahed AbdelHamid Badawy

Dean of the Faculty of Al-Alsun