The Faculty Management

The organizational structure is a governing constitution and a ruling benchmark for diligent, advanced, worthy and competing academic institutions in the worlds of today and tomorrow, as it accurately, systematically and smoothly identifies the selection criteria and the conditions that govern the assuming of positions and their sequence within the Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University. It also regulates the relations between the different positions and assigns the responsibilities included within the structure, starting from the senior leadership within the faculty to the departments' chairmen and units' directors. Moreover, it divides the tasks among the staff and shows the official coordination channels and the chain of command within the faculty.

The Faculty's organizational structure includes:

1-      Faculty Council

2-      Dean

3-      Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

4-      Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research

5-      Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development

6-      Department Heads

7-      The Secretary of the Faculty

8-      Administrative Leaders at the Faculty

The Job Descriptions within the Faculty were made and coded as follows:

0 Faculty Council

1 -1 Dean

1/1/1 Director of Public Relations and Citizen Service

1/1/2 Director of Refaa's Unit for Research and Development of Linguistic Information and Translation.

1/1/3 Director of the Secretariat of the Faculty Council

1/1/4 Director of the Performance Evaluation and Quality Assurance Unit

1/1/5 Director the Information Technology Unit


1/2 Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

1/2/1 Director of Education and Student Affairs

1/2/1/1 Head of Registration

1/2/1/2 Head of Study and Examination Affairs

1/2/2 Director of Graduate Students Affairs

1/2/3 Director of the Youth Welfare Department


1/3 Vice Dean of Graduate Studies and Research

1/3/1 Director of the Graduate Studies and the Training of Teacher Associates

1/3/2 Director of Cultural Relations and Research

1/3/3 Director of Libraries

1/3/3/1 Head of Supplies

1/3/3/2 Head of Theses

1/3/3/3 Head of Indexing and Classification

1/3/3/4 Head of Library Service

1/3/3/5 Head of Periodicals and Publications

1/3/4 Director of Language Laboratories


1/4 Vice Dean of Community Service and Environmental Development

1/4/1 Director of Environment Projects and Community Service Affairs Unit

1/4/2 Director of the Medical Center

1/4/3 Director of Alumni Follow-up Unit

1/4/4 Director of the Crisis and Disaster Management Unit


1/5 Chairmen of Departments


1/6 Secretary of the Faculty

1/6/1 Director of Procurement and Storage

1/6/1/1 Head of Procurement

1/6/1/2 Head of Storage

1/6/2 Director of Accounting and Auditing

1/6/2/1 Head of Accounting

1/6/2/2 Head of Auditing

1/6/2/3 Head of Treasury

1/6/3 Director of Administrative Affairs

1/6/3/1 Head of Personnel

1/6/3/2 Head of Entitlements

1/6/3/3 Head of the Teaching Staff Affairs

1/6/3/4 Head of Head Office Affairs

1/6/3/5 Head of Administrative Service