Historical background

The History of the Faculty of Al-Alsun is related to the Modern Egyptian Renaissance. Since its earliest days, the School of Al-Alsun has fulfilled the expectations for which it was founded; highly qualified translators have graduated from Al-Alsun over the years. The School was founded in (1351 H.,1835 AD) by Sheikh Refa`a Rafe` Al-Tahtawy (1216-1290 H), (1801-1873AD) to instruct a cultured generation  acting as a Bridge between the west and the east, well -versed in Arabic and foreign literatures, qualified for translating foreign books, and capable of developing government management, each in his competence. When first established, Al-Alsun was called "School of Translators," later on renamed "School of Al-Alsun."

School objectives:

Objectives upon founding the school (1351 H.,1835 AD) were:

1- Preparing Translators to serve governmental schools and institutions.
2- Preparing graduates to found a translation department.

 After the Education Acts were passed (1836, 1837 AD),objectives changed to be :
1- Graduating translators.
2-Providing other private schools with students who are well-versed in French.

   The first class graduated in 1839 AD

 Throughout its long history which lasted more than a century and half, the School of AL-Alusn was closed at different times when the Renaissance crumbled after Muhammed Ali's rule. It was closed for many years since 1849 AD, however its eternal impact remained through the generations who revived its remembrance and glorified its history.

 It was revived in 1951 AD, thanks to Professor Taha Hussien , Minister of Education, who  encouraged Morad Kamel , Professor of Semitic languages , to re-open Al- Alsun School, thereby becoming the first dean of  Al- Alsun Higher School in its new phase . There were evening classes to let the university students master the foreign languages.

 The 1952 Revolution paid special attention to Al- Alsun School as it realized the importance of studying languages. Decree was issued in 1957 AD to establish Al – Alsun Higher School according to which Al- Alsun occupied a leading position among the higher institutes granting the graduates the BA Degree. Al -Alsun Higher School has become the only school in the East that specializes in language study paying special attention to translation.

On the 20th of December 1973 , a presidential decree (1952 AD ) was issued, demanding that Al- Alsun Higher School will be part of Ain Shams University as a separate faculty under the name of Al- Alsun.