faculty of al alsun

Under the auspices of the journalist and writer Hilmy El-Nimnim, Minister of Culture, Dr. Sherif Shaheen, chairman of National Library and Document Management under the supervision of Aida Abdul Ghani, general supervisor of the National Library in Bab El-Khlq organize a seminar entitled "Zewail did not leave”. The seminar is revolving on the great world journey of “Ahmed Zewail". As part of the cultural activities held by the Dar El-kotob.

Among people who will lecture in the seminar,Ambassador Moshera Khattab , former Minister of Family and population and a candidate of Egypt to the post of General - Director of UNESCO, Prof. Ahmed Okasha, a professor of psychiatry at Ain Shams University and head of the Egyptian Society of Psychiatry and Dr. Sherif Fouad media spokesman and the supervisor of the media sector to Zewail City.

Dr. Sherif Shaheen will manage the seminar, at 12:00 p.m. on Sunday 14/08/2016 at room of seminars at Dar El-Kotob in Bab El-khalq.