faculty of al alsun

Prof. d. Abd Wahab Ezzat , Acting President of Ain Shams University, stressed that Ain Shams University is sponsoring science and culture together through the ages, which would contribute to build the personality of students and provide them with technical and cultural aspect as well as science. This came during the opening ceremony of the third Festival of self-sufficiency for Professionals Theater in the presence of the great artist Yahiya El-fakharany, guest of honor at the festival, and director Fahmi El-Kholi.

Fahmi El-Kholi adding that he was the first artist who met Yahya El-fakharany through their fellowship in the Faculty of Medicine at Ain Shams University, where artist Yahya El-fakharany was performing the play with the theater team altogether.

While the artist Yahiya El-fakharany stressed that the return of the theater festival back to Ain Shams University, after a pause serves as the return of life to the theater again, stressing that the student who is deprived of cultural, artistic and political activity affected negatively on his character after graduation.

He pointed out that the theatrical activity in the university is not just activity but it contributes to raising public taste for the public; and because the university is home for Science and Culture is responsible for building mentality of society and raising public taste in various activities as well as its primary role is to provide community science. Stressing those university students should be characterized by a certain hobby practiced within the walls of the university through various activities.

Artist Yahiya El-fakharany said he refused to enroll his children in foreign universities in Egypt; the student's personality building must be done through the Egyptian university.

The opening ceremony displayed a documentary film about the life of the artist Yahiya El-fakharany, and another movie for the previous two sessions of the festival at Ain Shams University, and the theater group at Ain Shams University to provide a play entitled "Breaking the case," won the audience impressive.

In conclusion, Prof. D. Abd El-Wahhab Ezzat, acting president of the university, gave the University Shield to artist Yahiya El-fakharany in recognition of his efforts on the upgrading of the Egyptian taste through his artwork in memory of the Egyptians. In addition, he gave shield to another one of the children of university, Mohammed Fouad Eid on receiving the best prize for rising director at the National Theatre festival.