Sahifat Al Alsun

About the journal:

  • Al-Alsun journal is an annual refereed scientific academic journal specialized in publishing research papers in linguistics, literature, and translation in different languages.
  • Al-Alsun journal is issued by the Faculty of Al-Alsun and supervised by a number of academics and specialists from various universities around the world.
  • The research papers of the journal are available on the internet on the Egyptian Knowledge Bank


To achieve distinguished world leadership for the Faculty of Al-Alsun in publishing refereed academic research papers on the local, regional, and international levels.


The Journal is intended to publish refereed research papers in literature, linguistics, and translation in various languages and in conformity with the international publishing standards.


The Journal aims to:
  1. Facilitate specialized academic research publishing in literature, linguistics and translation in various languages.
  2. Publish refereed research papers in conformity with the international standards.
  3. Become an academic reference for researchers and specialists on the local, regional, and international levels.
  4. Promote proficiency, genuineness, excellence, and intellectual creativity by means of enhancing the capacities of scholars and reviewers; and
  5. Address community issues through interdisciplinary and applied research.

Journal History:

The journal has been published since 1983.

Journal Ranking:

  • Al-Alsun journal is one of the approved journals by the Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities (SCU) and indexed in its periodical ranking of local journals. Its rating has reached five grades and half (5.5) out of seven as per SCU’s ranking in July 2020.
  • In September 2020, the Journal was listed in the database of Dar Al Mandumah.

Journal Language:

  • Al-Alsun journal is a multilingual journal. It publishes research papers in various languages, i.e. the certified languages at Faculty of Al-Alsun / Ain Shams University (up to 15 languages until 2020)
Journal Specialization:
The Journal publishes specialized research in linguistics, literature, and translation.
Journal Editorial Board:
  • The Journal includes a group of specialists in linguistics, literature, and translation inside and outside Egypt.
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Terms of Publication in the Journal:

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